More Things on a stick

24:Refresh your Blog – I have to admit, I only viewed my blog a couple of times since I created it when I did the 23 Things on a stick the first time around. It was good for me to go in and check out all the options and look for a new template and add some widgets. I like my Avatar – so I decided not to change that at this time. I am a little behind at getting started, but hopefully I can continue on and get caught up. I have been viewing other peoples blogs. Usually the ones that are listed on the More Things on a Stick news. It’s handy to just click the link and see what others are blogging about. I have also used the links from the More Things on a Stick web site to view others blogs. I have not left any comments yet.


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23 Things on a stick

#1 – I had to create a blog and then register it.  It went pretty smooth.  The next thing was to create an avatar – that was kind of fun to pick tops and bottoms.  The hard part was uploading it.  The procedure was a little different than what were in the instructions since I am using wordpress.  I had to browse for my picture and upload it – it took a couple of tries. 


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